SpaceX rocket landing fails

According to media reports Monday, SpaceX has failed in their third attempt to vertically land a rocket booster on an unmanned ship, after their Falcon 9 spacecraft broke one of its legs in a hard landing.

In December of last year, the the private space transport company managed a succesful land, when another Falcon 9 rocket made a safe vertical landing at Cape Canaveral in Florida after delivering a payload into space, reports the Wall Street Journal.

However, it’s never been able to make a landing at sea. One previous attempt failed due to the rocket coming in too fast, while the other abruptly ended when the booster tipped over due to too much horizontal movement at the time of landing.

SpaceX rocket landing fails
SpaceX rocket landing fails

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the rocket was on target for a perfect landing, but a landing leg failed to lock and the thing toppled over. So close!

SpaceX livestreamed the landing attempt on their website, but the video feed cut out just before the rocket touched down – however, the company confirmed on Twitter that the Falcon 9 experienced a “hard landing”.


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