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Anonymous, the hacker collective that routinely attacks prominent figures or organizations it disagrees with, has called for “total war” against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Endgaged writes:

Donald Trump is in the sights of hacktivist collective Anonymous again. On March 4th the group posted a video declaring “total war” on the presidential candidate. It hopes to not only bring down many of Trump’s sites, but also halt his presidential bid by uncovering and exposing embarrassing information. “We need you to shut down his campaign and sabotage his brand,” said a Guy Fawkes-masked individual in the video.

Trump has been targeted because according to the masked activist, “yourinconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas.”

According to reports, using the #OpTrump hashtag, the collective is asking for help to bring down on April 1st. It also plans to target personal and business sites like,, and the candidate’s online presidential destinations including and

The collective has already posted unverified personal information about Trump and staff, including his social security number.

According to a report from NBC, this is the second time Trump has been targeted by the group. Anonymous posted a message to the candidate in 2015 regarding his comments about Muslims.

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anonymous donald trump
anonymous donald trump


  1. No sane person is going to listen to some idiot hiding behind a silly mask. These people are such gutless things they won’t even show their face…says alot about about a faceless fool !!

  2. This is the violent left which apparently we are going to see more of at Trump rallies. Hannity is going to air the groups that were organized to shut down the Chicago rally and they were parties like Communist Party USA, various George Soros groups, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers and Black Lives Matter.
    The violence is just begun if these radical leftist continue to try to shut down Trump Rallies.

    • Everything you say is right. They should have all been pepper sprayed at the rally, they are terrorists.
      I will now vote for trump to make my voice heard. Anyone can check the group that started organizing in 1998 on, George Soros.

  3. It is sad that Trump’s bid for presidency has gone this far. Is this how Hitler became the leader of Germany? Angry noise that people liked to listen to? And I thought “The Hunger Games”, George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “A Brave New World” all had crazy futures. This is reality, Trump is a forerunner for nomination. A bully is a forerunner for nomination for president of the United States of America. How far we have fallen. Make America Great Again? Not with Trump as president.

    • The US already is a fascist police state thanks to George Bush Jnr, Obama, and the political elites that they serve.

    • The polls and peoples votes are speaking. They have decided Trump is the best man for the job. This terrorist group is using kids, students. Our police should be pepper spraying them if they get 1000 ft of a peaceful Trump rally.

  4. Teflon Don’t will be alright. The stupider he acts the more the socially retarded right wingers love him. Violence against others gives righties a sense of belonging. Trump lovers are base, have Low IQ, poorly educated and hate because it gives them a sense of purpose.
    Trump is a scumbag and if he wins he will make America a bigger embarrassment the your old buddy George W.

    • and “left wingers” seem to be a bunch of childish name callers who think they have all the answers. in truth, both sides are brainless idiots.

  5. didn’t Anonymous help shut down a lot of ISIS recruiting social media accounts?

    • that they did, and Teresa Trump’s campaign is more like Stalin’s rise to power not Hitler. Hitler’s rise to power was more socio-political then agri-political

      • Actually they interfered with law enforcements ability to track the ISIS organization. LE typically uses these sites to track the terrorist groups silently, Anonymous just gets in the way.

    • No, they did not. It was just a load of empty grandstanding by a group of overweight losers who are living in a fantasy world of ‘cyber activism’.

  6. Anonymous was founded on the principle of global free speech and freedom of information. The reason they use the masks is because it symbolizes revolution, change, and progression. It infers their sense of unity and the fact they claim no face as their own. Fyi SG anonymous is a global collective of hackers and cyberminds with the soul purpose of free information.

    • Global free speech and freedom of information, but only if they agree with it, or if it supports the agendas they agree with.
      How do you fight hypocrisy with hypocrisy?

      • Rick, you’re not looking at the situation correctly. When a government (I’m really NOT talking about the USA government) becomes oppressive/repressive and virtually takes away most, if not all, the rights of its citizens, it is NOT the same as people who want to undermine a government’s repressive tactics against them. A government can wield solid power with support through laws and a military. People don’t have that; so in order to wrest control from its government, people must go undercover to be effective. If you don’t think that people should not have the right to control their own lives, then why did we bother to have the Revolutionary War to wrest control from the King of England? Why did the Founding Fathers insert the Second Amendment in the Constitution? Anonymous is merely saying that we need to pay attention to Trumps words–implicit and explicit. He exaggerates many facts and because his followers don’t know that facts themselves, they accept it as gospel. It is also true, Rick, that many statements made by him were the same statements uttered by Adolph Hitler…..and we know the outrageous crimes he committed. I agree with Anonymous and their goal. Because if he is as dangerous as I and millions of others believe, then we don’t want to wait until he becomes president and there greater difficulty in removing him. Please remove the emotions and prejudices you might bear and REALLY listen to him and watch his demeanor. He’s more dangerous you think. He has his followers mesmerized just as Hitler mesmerized the Germans. People who are inclined to vote for him MUST listen to what he says and listen to what he means. There’s a difference. I do not think that Anonymous is being hypocritical, just careful.

        • BRAVO Sameera! Very well though and accurate! I could not agree more. And I find it ironic that Cranky seems very confused as well as Rick about the true history of some horrific leaders and choose to support a candidate that has methods and tactics similar to so many of the people we should be using as models of what NOT to do!

        • Sameera, I’m voting for Donald Trump. You talk about exaggerating facts, and his “followers” (as you put it, as if they automatically become sheep because you can’t understand their decision to support Trump) not knowing the facts themselves and accepting his words as gospel. How about you state some actual facts instead of resorting to fear mongering. Specifically, what statements did Trump make, that were the same as Adolph Hitler? Not just generic statements, either, show me statements that are specifically troubling, that each one made that are the same and the context in which they were made.
          You need to be careful, because lots of people make accusation that they feel are justified because they believe their ends justifies their means. But, making blanket statements about groups of people, (Trump supporters) or unfairly comparing someone to murderous psychopath, without any actual historical data on them to back it up. It makes you sound a bit like the “sheep” you claim don’t really know the facts and blindly support Trump! I do know the facts and I’m not a walking mesmerized Trump zombie. I don’t agree with everything he says or all words he chooses to deliver his message. However, I can find enough in his abilities as a business man and his determination to be successful and the accumulative result of his drive and intelligence to get himself into a position in life where he isn’t beholden to some party line or stuck spouting the same old tired political talking points. To get to that point he had to surround himself with smart people and have the ability to communicate and delegate. If you understand the structure of the US government, you know that Trump won’t be able to waltz in and start making wholesale changes and suddenly everyone will be goose stepping and locking up anyone he points to. Fears of Trump being the reincarnation of Hitler are just hateful tantrums and unoriginal propaganda.
          The process to elect our leaders to govern the country still works, the constitution and the second Amendment is in place now and will remain in place, even after Obama leave the White House. Trump is not a threat to either. But, if there was ever a way to undermine what the founding fathers intentions were, it will more likely come from groups that anonymously attack us, without worry, without discussion, by slowly introducing fear, uncertainty, silently out of sight. Making claims to be for the greater good, even though, it’s their decision on what that greater good is. A minority making decisions for the rest of us, without fear of reprisal. Sounds more like a new age Illuminati doesn’t it?

  7. Idiots. and exactly WHY aren’t these a$$holes not considered their own type of terrorists yet?

  8. whodowetrust Reply

    Who is the “bully” now?
    Who is the “hater” now?
    Do you feel “truth” is exposing things like a persons social security number?
    Please, lets try and get along.
    I judge a person by their actions. How is this helpful?
    Will you now advocate violence too, while hiding behind a mask (like Isis)?

  9. Anonymous Sucks Reply

    Anonymous are cowards that hide behind stupid masks, bottom line. I don’t care what the mask is supposed to symbolized. They are nothing more than Internet bullies who hide behind their keyboard under the false pretense of “cyber activism”, when really they play their silly childish games against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    Their best offense is exposing the personal information of others, which if the roles were reversed they wouldn’t want their own personal information exposed. These guys don’t bring about any good changes in the world and in fact just add to the issues we got going on now.

    Along with Donald Trump running for president, this country and this planet would be a better place if Anonymous wasn’t around.

  10. It is too professionally done, which make me think it is actually Trump opponents made these video.

  11. olderandwiser Reply

    Looks like the left shutting down free speech because they don’t agree with it. I dare anyone to find a politician, including Hillary and Obama, who didn’t or isn’t lying on the campaign trial. I can’t imagine the backlash if this or any other group would have went after Obama or would go after Hillary. It’d be labeled hate crimes and misogyny. But going after a white man has no such labels. I saw plenty of comparisons of Obama and Hitler too. All fear mongering by groups who hate and think everyone should agree with them. but obviously he has hit a nerve in this country. I can’t agree with some of the things Trump says, he is a bully and has not filter on his mouth, and also fear the future if he’s elected. But I could say the same about the future with Clinton too.
    Speak with your vote, not with hate and cyber terrorism.

  12. Demosthenes Locke Reply

    The words cowards, terrorist (masks) come to mind. These people are the direct antithesis to free speech. Clearly these guys work for the highest bidder and have been contacted and are being paid by the establishment powers that be in Washington. They are also NOT very smart, they are just going to drive more people into the Trump Camp.

    Yamamoto’s words after Pearl Harbor come to mind “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

  13. Willie Sutton Reply

    Well, since they declared “total war” on ISIS and wiped them off the map, I guess they now have time to take on Trump.

  14. Time to fight people keep TRUMP winning this is the PEOPLE’S last chance at taking our country back from the do nothing self dealing CROOKS! GO TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

  15. While I generally am not a fan of the run-of-the-mill hacking, as in my personal banking, etc. sometimes I can see that certain situations honor the means. Like in this case. I am not quite sure, but very appalled, but the very same things already stated by others, namely that so many would still vote for a man with the demeanor and radical opinions such as Mr. Trump. The mere thought of that man as our (potential) next president send chills down my spine. This is NOT what our forefathers had in mind and fought so hard for, not the idea they nurtured into greatness. This is exactly what they thought to avoid with their actions and writs.
    And since many have accused Anonymous of hypocrisy, how hypocritical is it for a country, founded as a nation for and by immigrants (save Native Americans, who, at some point just much longer ago, also wandered onto these grounds from elsewhere) to have such harsh feeling of restriction of immigration. Yes, I am well aware of all the risks, but honestly, with or without stricter policies in place, those who are evil will always find a way. I am as worried as the next person about the radicalism that killed and kills so many innocent, but part-taking does not seem like a logical answer to me, no matter in which form.

    Truthfully, a man like Trump is not that hard to read, he does not even make much of an effort to hide his true feelings, views and intentions. What he does is throw out a bunch of keywords that speak to whatever outrages and scares the populi and they eat it up and follow him like “sheeple”. Trump is first and foremost a businessman. A businessman is always in it to do business and make more money, always for his own benefit before all else. His main motto is to “Make America Great Again”, which might well be the new slogan for any suffering company out there after a new CEO takes over. I do not want out country to be run as a business. Businesses see their people as numbers and as replaceable. And while I personally have no high opinion on any politicians out there in the entire world, this does not foretell greatness of my country, but further decline away from what it was founded to be.
    I can see and honestly fear the same as some, that given too much power, Trump will likely abuse it and cause far worse things than we have already suffered. As one example of many, I cannot see him as a dignified diffuser of some explosive political situations with other countries. If he does his usual “blow-up-and-insult” routines with some not so forgiving parties in other parts of the world, he (as America) may have strutted his stuff, but we all may face another world war, just due to his actions. And as much as some seem to think that any action should be answered in kind, there are reasons why that is not always wise. As the saying goes “never argue with idiots, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

  16. Jason Bond Reply

    Spineless, pacifist worms. They will be found one day. You can’t hide forever. I’m now going to Trump events with two friends to “quell” the hateful left”. We’ve have had to suffer under Obama’s racist, anti-White Presidency. As well as Obama’s AGs. The knockout game, the riots, and the collective hate on the left has given us an opportunity to see where, from where, the true hate is coming .The left is completely intolerant in their tolerance. You don’t HAVE to tolerate people who act like animals. You don’t HAVE to turn the other cheek when they’re attacking good people, who are fed up with politics-as-usual. Trump says and does what I and others think. I like his harsh tone. Revenge is coming. Now it’s our turn to pay all you communists back for 8 years of anti-White racism and the bigoted left. You don’t see people on the right doing this crap, like the slimy, racist left. Get organized people. We have much to do.

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