Blackberry BBM BlackBerry was once a tech giant and leader in the mobile phone industry. However in recent months the company has been in a downward spiral that it does not seem to be pulling out of. Now, according to the article on the Dispatch Terminal, the company has recently let go an additional two hundred employees in Canada and Florida in what they are saying will actually help to turn around the flailing company.

The company has confirmed that the layoffs will consist of 75 jobs at their Florida location and 125 jobs at their Waterloo office in Canada. While the company has yet to confirm these reports, rumors are speculating that the layoffs are focused on the device team. This rumor suggests that the company could be moving towards an Android based device soon.

BlackBerry was a leader in technology until Apple and Google’s Android began a smartphone race and left the company in the dust. In 2012 it seemed that BlackBerry was still going strong with a reported workforce of around 16,500 full-time employees. Just two years later however, the company cut their employees down by half and cut employees again by a few thousand a few years later.


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