Earth two planets: Earth May Once Have Been Two Planets
Earth two planets: Earth May Once Have Been Two Planets

Earth two planets: Earth May Once Have Been Two Planetss

Theories about the formation of the earth are common. Many scientists are not sure how the earth was formed. In recent weeks, a new theory about the early formation of the earth has been suggested.

This theory is one that scientists and those who study the earth think may be rooted in fact. They are currently suggesting that early in the history of the earth — many billions of years ago — there was an instant where an “embryo planet” collided with the earth and led to the formation of two separate planets.

Collision Course

This new theory suggests that Theia, as the planetary embryo has been dubbed, collided with the earth and broke it into two pieces.

These two pieces then formed two separate places. One of the pieces became our modern day earth. The other piece became our moon.

Those examining the results believe that the collusion was much more violent than had been previously thought.

“We don’t see any difference between the Earth’s and the moon’s oxygen isotopes; they’re indistinguishable,” Edward Young, UCLA professor of geochemistry and cosmochemistry and lead author of the study, explained in a news release.

“Theia was thoroughly mixed into both the Earth and the moon, and evenly dispersed between them,” Young added. “This explains why we don’t see a different signature of Theia in the moon versus the Earth.”

Whereas a small collision might have produced two roughly equally distance and equal parts, the new theory about the collision suggests it was much more violent. This led earth to become the bigger piece and the moon to become the smaller one.


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