exoplanet oxygen atmosphere
exoplanet oxygen atmosphere

GJ 1132b: Venus-Like Exoplanet Might Have Oxygen Atmosphere, New Research Finds

GJ 1132b, the closest rocky exoplanet found, has a thin and wispy atmosphere that may contain oxygen but is 232 degrees Celsius and 39 light years away, a study in The Astrophysical Journal found.

“On cooler planets, oxygen could be a sign of alien life and habitability,” Dr. Schaefer said.

“But on a hot planet like GJ 1132b, it’s a sign of the exact opposite – a planet that’s being baked and sterilized.”

Located 39 light-years from Earth, GJ 1132b circles its star every 1.6 days at a distance of 1.4 million miles.


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